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About Akil Motors cars one of the largest salvage auto dealers in the U.A. E We feature hundreds of new models Non-Accident and Accident cars with detailed profiles and photos just a click away!

TEL #    +971-6-7488370
FAX #   +971 6-7488371
CELL # +971 50-4851526


Clean Vehicles - السيارات النظيفة
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Non-Damage Vehicles - غير الأضرار السيارات
Recondition Vehicles - رمم سيارات
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Recondition vehicles- رمم سيارات
Damaged Vehicles - السيارات المحطمة
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Salvaged Vehicles - انقاذ السيارات
Other Vehicles - مركبات أخرى
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Buses, Trucks, Bikes, Heavy Vehicle and etc..